Dmitriy Frid


Dmitriy Frid was born in Moscow. 10 years he practiced gymnastics. He worked in the theater sports dance „Leader“, „Theatre Bim-BOM“. He graduated from the School of dramatic art „Merameo“ (Berlin), „Richmond school (Toronto) and „Dance school of Sports and Arts“. In addition to acting has passed training in vocal, dance and gymnastics. His debut took place in television projects in Canada and Germany. Dmitriy Frid has participated in musicals: „the Russians on Broadway“, „White Nights“, „My Fair Lady“, „West side story“, „Tommy“ in Canada, „the Hunchback of Notre Dame“ and „Cats“ in Germany. The actor also took part in the Moscow performances, „An American in the restructuring“ and „Mamma mia!“. In 2007 Dmitriy Frid first appeared on Russian television in the role of George Knjazhinsky in TV series „Hold me tight“. Then Dmitriy Frid starred in „Total therapy“, „Sleeping area“, „The sky on fire“, and others.


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