Alexandra Neldel


Alexandra Neldel was born in 1976 in West Berlin, Germany. Her parents divorced when she was a child. His father is a hunter. It was always very hard for her to decide if she would be with her father or her mother. Maybe that is the reason why she decided to leave her parents and to live her own life at the age of 16. Yet, she has a very good relationship with her parents. After finishing „Realschule“ in Berlin-Steglitz, she started to work as a dentists’ assistant. She worked only one year as a dentists’ assistant, but during this time she also worked as a hostess. In 1992 she was discovered by the boss of a German casting agency during a polo competition. Although Neldel had no experience in acting, she got a role in a German daily soap opera, Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten. After leaving Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten in 1999, Neldel starred in several German motion pictures and TV films, including Lammbock, Samba in Mettmann and Emmy-winning series Berlin, Berlin. She never really studied acting, her principle has always been „learning by doing“. She always mentions in interviews that she never wanted to be an actress, it was not her dream to stand in front of the camera, she was completely satisfied with her life as a dentists’ assistant. But now, she enjoys her work as an actress and it always makes her happy to give something to the audience. 2005 was the year of her breakthrough as an actress: she began to play the role of Lisa Plenske in the most successful German daily soap-opera ever. She left the series after 365 episodes. After her leaving, the majority of the audience turned aside from „Verliebt in Berlin“, the series became rather unsuccessful. More than seven million German people watched the 365th episode of „Verliebt in Berlin“, therefore it was a profitable production for German TV channel Sat1. In 2006 Neldel was „best European soap actress“ and got the Rose d’Or (Golden Rose) Award. She is often considered as a sex-symbol , too – but she always refuses this kind of expression. She is also considered as a girls’ girl: that means the majority of her fans are women. She never talks about her private life, one can never read home-stories about her, as she says, she wants to keep her private life. Nowadays she is one of the most successful actresses in Germany, she has many fans also in France, since her series „Verliebt in Berlin“ was broadcast there as well: it was the most successful German series in France ever.


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